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Français · Montreal, December 01, 2015 20:27 ET

Announcing RubyTeach Vancouver, May 28 to June 1st 2012

RubyTeach is part of DevTeach which will be presenting a conference in Vancouver. This event taking place on May 28th to June 1st 2012 at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown. It will have pre-conference workshops (May 28th) , on Ruby and the main conference (May 29,30,31).

Our event include 4 Pre-Conference and the 3 Post Conference workshops, 84 sessions presented in 3 days in 12 distinct tracks. When you register to RubyTeach you get access to MobileTeach, DevTeach and SQLTeach. They are your perfect opportunity to grow your skill set.

This event is limited to 400 attendees, so register as soon as you can! See you there.

A Pre-Conference (May 28th) on Ruby by James Kovacs

Ruby has risen to prominence as an innovative dynamic language. Ruby on Rails has gained a reputation for being an intensely productive web framework that allows you to build sites quickly and efficiently. In this action-packed 3-hour pre-con, come learn the fundamentals of the Ruby language and the basics of building a website using Ruby on Rails. This session is designed with the busy developer in mind and will not waste your time. Web programming experience is assumed.

Three days of sessions between May 29 and May 30th

RubyTeach is part of DevTeach and it offer 3 days of training between May 29 and May 31st. A total of 11 sessions on Ruby and over 30 sessions on Web Development (jQuery, HTML5, CSS)and Agile. The best experts in the industry are presenting their knowledge and expertise. This is your chance to learn and network with the expert. Take a look at our schedule.

RubyTeach include the best expert in the Ruby Industry

James Kovacs, Ben Scheirman, Charles Max Wood, Tamer Salama and Amir Barylko are our experts in the Ruby track. Here some of the sessions presented during the conference.
  • Ruby for Rails - What you should know
  • Rails in the Enterprise
  • Rails Primer: Build a Blog in 15 Minutes
  • Hosting and Deploying Ruby Applications
  • Effective Rails Development with Vim
Get the full list of our Ruby sessions and schedule by clicking here.

Including MobileTeach expert in the Mobile Industry

When you register to RubyTeach we include full access to MobileTeach which is presented with the best expert in the industry. Markus Egger, Colin Melia and Tim Huckaby are expert in the Windows Phone and Windows 8 plateform, Ben Sheiman, Kevin McNeish and John Waters master the iOS. Wei-Meng Lee, Jessica Ker and Martin Legris know all the secrete of Android and Bryan Costanich is a master in cross platform Mono and MonoTouch from Xamarin

A Post-Conference (June 1st) on Android by Wei-Meng Lee

In this one-day boot camp, participants will learn how to use the tools and Android SDK to write applications for their Android devices. This feature-packed boot camp will show you how to get started in Android development, right from the start to deployment. Participants are strongly encouraged to bring along their notebook computers and follow along with the lab exercises.

Our experts in Mobile development